Saturday, July 31, 2010


The Arizona Diamondbacks have won 4 games in their last 15. All four wins were against the Mets!


  1. Joe i swear me and you have the same exact thoughts when it comes to Jerry's decision making, he is atrocious, i am so freakin' fed-up with watching him manage this team out of ballgames. He is a clueless idiot. Between pitching to Pujols instead of Holliday the other night with a force at each base to taking Pelfrey out and not letting him attempt to finish the inning after he appeared to be settling down, i just don't get it anymore, how did this guy ever get a job as a MLB manager? He sucks, plain and simple, he's a bumbling fool and i really believe firing him now and bringin someone like Backman in would light a fire under this teams a** and have them rip off a nice run like the Rockies teams of previous years. From my mouth to God's ears.

  2. Jerry's managing + Castillo's ineffectiveness + overworked bullpen + wasted spot keeping perez Will = NO PLAYOFFS!

  3. Ok, I just caught up on the last page of posts. I'm back! I love this stuff! It gets me thru my Saturday nights...!

    I can't wait for them to start shipping some of these boxes...

    Also, after a great season of art (in which you'll finish! AMAZING!) it's only fair if they make the playoffs and go deep...

    Not for me, not for some fans, but for Joe.

    Are you listening, Jerry?


  4. i went to this game they showed you on the big screen these cartoons are great ive been checking them out ever since dan told me about em go mets somehow