Thursday, July 1, 2010

Let's get out of here!!!


  1. dang i just wrote a comment and it got erased!

  2. Well, here goes again:

    great stuff, joe! i love wut u did with the crate! and i enjoy the important stats which will also help if we get a book and flip thru it in 5 years...

    as I was saying before, before my web browser played shtick on me, I was saying how maybe have a box on the side of website where ppl can fill in their thoughts of what to draw, lines or cute ideas , and they have 20 minutes after a game to send it in (u would receive email of their thoughts) and u can give a shoutout to ppl whose ideas u use...

    i wrote this a whole lot better in my first post. argh!

    (wouldnt it be funny if after the season u charged ppl for just reading the site? okay, this post absolutely sucks now that i had to try and copy things that flowed out of the me the first time

  3. well joe love it again your great!!!!! love the target on ollie put main next to him next time lol GO METS and to a summer of lots of fun important baseball

  4. Yes! Here's to a great summer! Thanks

    Eli, Thanks for the suggestion. But believe it or not I get about 20 emails a day with suggestions. I do appreciate them and sometimes they spark an idea. I'm fine with this.

    Here's the thing...this is my personal journal and they are my thoughts and points of view. I started doing this for me.
    I feel if I start doing requests and taking other ideas in the end the book won't have my point of view.

    Maybe we can do something special this summer with a contest or something where someone can submit a cartoon idea and I will draw the one I pick as a winner. I will send them the original.

    I'll definitely give it thought.

    Thanks for the idea and by all means keep 'em comin' bro!