Saturday, July 24, 2010

Here's the Mets Weekly Interview about the Journal



  1. man that chick's voice is hella annoying. also, i didnt know you designed the racing stripe, thats so cool!

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  2. Yo Joe,
    TY for posting the interview. Much appreciated.
    That Mays clip they showed, if that was a homer that he hit on a rainy day in '72, I think his 1st as a Met, I was at that game. One time my buddies and I waited for Willie outside the diamond club. He came out and was very nice, chatted with us on the way to his pink Continental. We have something else in common. Drawing what we hoped would be future Met uniforms. Like you, I'm really glad they are back in those classic pinstripes (some games), but I wanted to see em in more flashy stuff. I did this drawing in 1978 and man, good thing they never went there. Looking now the uni I designed was garish,lol.

  3. I've been a fan since game 1 of this season, and after every met game i always check on your blog just to see what you came up with.

    "If they come towards you with a tape measure run!!!!"


    Jonathan "Escobar"

  4. Very good segment indeed Joe. If you ever decide to go into radio you already have a voice for it that is for sure.

    Once again, Thanks for sharing Joe.

  5. AWSOME JOE!!! You ROCK!! Your favorite Austrians.

  6. Great segment Joe. Keep up the awesome work here and congrats on the uniform design.

  7. My nephew usually posts your drawings on Facebook; this is how I discovered you. You are an incredible artist. One of a kind. Do you have a book of your drawings for your diverse projects. please reply.
    Eve/Queens NY

  8. Great to see a living person attached to the drawings.. Awesome spot!

    Love the uniform story... it is more than coincidence, the universe handles all that. You planted the seed years before and it came back to you. That's how it woks. great Stuff Joe!

    All the best!


  9. Eve,
    Thanks I don't have a book yet. But if you'd like to see my work go to

    It's all there!

    Thanks everyone!