Sunday, August 1, 2010

Mets Rattle Back!

Finally! It took 5 tries, but we finally beat the lowly D-backs!
Beltran's warning track power pays off.
Again the "OVERWORKED and IMPROPERLY USED"Bullpen almost gives game back acfter strong start by Tak!


  1. nice to have a walkoff for us for a change!!! Go mets

  2. was only Parnell's second appearance in a week. That's not overworked. He just had a bad day, it happens

  3. Eli,
    His mole is right near his ear! LOL
    It's talking to you!

  4. Joe at the game and it was a great ceremony but again great work u rock man I tell everyone about your site!!!! I know u do your owe thing but thought if u could have the hof inductees talking to castillo Ollie Jerry and Omar while their all in your great crates lol well u rock thanks again for your great work!!!!! Let's Go Mets!!!!!