Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Mets Deal Cards some Home Cookin'!

Mets stop Cardinals Wainwrights 26 inning scoreless streak. Big Homerun by Frenchy who put the game away at 4-1 with a 3 run shot.
Beltran got a couple of hits and Wright may be learning to go with the pitch and try to score runners instead of k'ing trying to go yard.
Neise was solid. Great defense by Wright helped him out.
Jerry sat this one out for 1 game suspension for bumping ump. "Feel free to take tonight off too Jerry"!
4 days later, and Bay finally has a concussion? Hmmmmmm


  1. Joe,
    as always GREAT STUFF! I literally crack up out loud when i see your Box cartoons..priceless! You are a terriffic artist and glad to be a part of this season, because of you. I know that behind all the CRAPPY losses there is something funny waiting for me here. Peace. Be well.

  2. Thanks Bro! Glad to be going through this season with you and other great Mets fans.