Sunday, July 25, 2010

R.A. :"TRUST ME" and Jerry didn't!

Mets -Dodgers 07-25-10

Dickey wanted Jerry to trust him. But we can't trust Jerry.
Some of the decisions he makes are mind-boggling!

The bats are quiet and so is HOJO! I see you Hojo...
You Gotta go!


  1. The fans' intuition is that Castillo, Beltran, and Perez are bad for the team. We also see that Reyes is still undisciplined and immature; Bay is suffering from CITIFIELD over-reach; Davis is trying to carry the team; Wright can not learn how to throw overhand or keep away from that low outside breaking ball; and that a staff psychiatrist is needed for some of our pitchers. It was maddening that Reyes was allowed to play injured just before the All Star break - he stunk and then had to sit afterwards.

    There ARE ups & downs in the long season, but there are some constants. I think the fans know what they are.

  2. All I know is ...It looks like the return of Beltran has upset the apple cart. Maybe we need to put things back the way they were.

  3. Sorry Joe,
    But Jerry made the right move. Unlike most knucleballers, Dickey put greater stress on his landing leg because he throws with decent velocity. He was favoring the leg after Jerry's first visit. If he had left him in and his leg was further injured, longer term, all would be calling for Jerry's head.

    Remember the last guy to tell Jerry he wasn't hurt, and could stay in the game? He just had shoulder surgery ending his season for good.

    Jerry is in a total no win situation. The same with using Feliciano against right-handers. All season fans have been screaming about Pedro coming in for one batter, and not staying an entire inning. Jerry leaves him in, and fans are in an uproar after Torre pinch-hit with righties.

    Simple fact is Jerry didn't lose all of those games during the road trip, those guys swinging the sticks did.

  4. I agree.It was all about the sticks!

  5. Ho-Jo in da box!
    Way to go Joe!

    It's really the players fault they aren't hitting but they need a wake up call.
    And the whole starting lineup can't play in boxes.
    ......or can they?

    Who's driving that truck?

  6. Its time to put the torch to the boxes. HAHAHAHAHA