Monday, July 19, 2010


Did you ever notice that only one letter is the difference between the word Closer and Loser?
Let's give Santana a chance to finish all of his games! This K-Fraud is not a closer.
The only thing he is going to close is the season!

Mets 4 - Giants 3


  1. love this one. K rod should be thanking IKE for giving him another crack at finishing the game.

    A. Mike

  2. Years ago when I was working closing shift most nights at a pizza place in FLA, my bud Jim would say to me; 'You know that closer is just loser with a c.'

  3. When K-Rod opens inning w. walk it seems to always fall apart. It reminds me of what we went through w. John Franco. The pressure of closing must be enormous.

  4. Last post you joked about this point in the season as being the place where the book ussually gets abandoned: that would be criminal! This whole series is AMAZIN'

    Below is a link to an Ike Eisenhower promotional spot from his campaigns. Considering your background in advertising and promotions, I figured you'd appreciate how this can easily be paired up with Ike Davis. I look forward to more pieces that draw focus to our presidential phenom at first.

    Also, the "ollie in a box" is great!


  5. LoL, Great stuff as usual Joe. I fear though that today two of your crates may be attempting to escape their crates for the deserts of Arizona.

    I am curious to see how you will handle such an event.


  6. Oh no, looks like the Ollie box has arrived in Arizona!

  7. Joe well done again !!!! Let's Go Get the in AZ and kill them at dodger stadium can't wait!!!! Sam

  8. Castillo box is in AZ, too. Starts tonight. Should I be scared yet...?

  9. Aw, Joe, did you give up too after last night's debacle? I pretty much did. But if you're going to continue with this deterioriating season, maybe another box for Pelf? This is really getting creepy.