Saturday, July 24, 2010

Hey Jerry what's the story?!

Mets-Dodgers 7- 24-10

All those innings with scoreless relief...k-rod ready in the bullpen...and genius brings in Ollie with the game on the line!

Does Jerry have to come back to New York with the team?
We need fire! We Need Wally or Bobby V!


  1. Listen, not that I am an Ollie fan, but he did pitch out of the jam he was put into the inning before. It's not like he came in and immediately gave up the game.

  2. Jul 24 1993

    After a game in Los Angeles, New York Mets outfielder Vince Coleman tosses an M-100 firecracker at a crowd of baseball fans in Dodger Stadium's parking lot. The firework injures three children waiting for autographs, including two-year-old Amanda Santos. Coleman spends 200 hours performing community service and the rest of the year not playing professional baseball.


  3. I know he pitched out of trouble, but Jerry should have brought in K-Rod in for the 13th. if you get a good inning out of Ollie why push it?
    He has t build confidence in him if he's ever going to be useful again. Leaving him in until he fails is not the answer.
    That's just my opinion.

  4. better put castillo back in the box.

  5. Hahahaha nice Joe!

    Ollie coming in with the winning run on 3rd in extra innings on the road does make one scratch their head as to what was Jerry thinking?

    I would like to see how many people believed the game was over at that point and were more shocked when Ollie got out of the inning?

  6. Fantastic blog Joe. Just saw Nick and Anne, neighbors of your Dad's who reminded me of this blog. Nick's a huge Yankee fan, so I don't know how he saw your spot on SNY. I found your blog independently some time ago and love it. It's in my favorites.

  7. You read today's article in one of those NY rags, Post or TDN, saying Torre would be a good fit?
    I guess that's conceding that Jerry can ride the wave for the rest of this season.

    I dunno. I like Jerry but he's putting too much faith in his faith.I don't even know what that means but sadly it makes some kind of sense to me.

    The pitching has certainly been there, overall.

    Jerry can't do squat if the team don't hit and score runs...

    Right click> Ho-Jo> Box (but with holes for his head and arms so he can still attempt to do his coaching job, while he's still has it)
    Ho-Jo's a good go with the flow kinda coach.
    I don't think he is a motivator, and that's what they need now.