Thursday, July 22, 2010

Now I'm Worried!

Now this is getting out of hand! ARIZONA! A team that hasn't swept anyone since last August! The D-backs are not this good. But are we THIS BAD?!
Ollie is out of the box and after last nights bases loaded performance, I am keeping the box opened for him.
The Bay watch is on! This guy is killing us!
and ...Jerry...I don't think I'll be drawing you a lot longer.


  1. Hang in there Joe. :-D

    We are bound to win a game sooner or later.

    Have any odds on Backman being the next mgr?

  2. stayed up until 230am watching that game..what a waste of time! So depressing, the season looked so promising at the end of June. Joe, I thought for sure there would be a picture of Ollie out of the box in today's sketch..although I like Jerry being eating by a snake..nice work!

  3. Joe, great stuff as always. If the Mets hit as well as you create, this team would be up by 10 games in the division!

  4. where was ollie coming out of box? can u do like a side sketch on that Please Joe

  5. I was ready to do an Ollie. He didn't figure in the loss. But I'm sure he will be in one very soon!

  6. Whatever you do Joe, don't stop drawing this journal! Manuel? Sure, he might not be around to draw. BUT KEEP THIS GOING!
    If the Mets don't climb back out of the abyss I can always come here and have a chuckle. I'm hoping I don't need to laugh as a distraction
    to reality, but having that option helps me sleep nights ;)

  7. It's 9:15PM starting to load up on coffee, getting ready for LA.
    LET'S GO METS!!!!