Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Mets Misch Moshed by Braves

Don't have much hope. I can hear the fat lady getting ready to hit that note.

What's so nice is that Jerry is looking forward to next season. Is he kidding me?

Ollie was let out of the box for an inning. And needless to say, I think he's going back in.


  1. Hey Joe, did you see the SNY poll last night about Ollie's complaint that the Mets have treated him unfairly? Only 6 percent of those responding agreed with him. Sounds right!

  2. Yes I saw that Rob. Amazing I wish my boss paid me 12 million dollars this year to sit at my desk and not do a stitch of work because I'm awful. That is so unfair!

  3. I guess Ollie can well afford to live in his own nice little world where everything revolves around him.

  4. This blog is in incredible. It's unfortunate how bad we are, but nonetheless, I will be checking in daily. I so hope that you find a way to put this out in book form.