Thursday, August 26, 2010

Mets Running out of time!

Times a wastin' Boys!
We can't afford to lose games like these. Everyone lost tonight that we needed to lose. There won't be many more opportunities like tonight!


  1. truer words were never spoken, joe.

    i gets weary--and sick of watchin'
    the same old chances, these mets are botchin'
    but ole man ribah, he just keeps rollin' along...

  2. ugh... my feelings? winning last night wouldve been the start of something special.

    phils/braves both lost... but more importantly the phils lost ... we woulda made the wild card deficit smaller... thats our entrance right there... the wild card... it's at 7 games... i want it down to 5 before september and the mets didnt take advantage last night... argh