Wednesday, August 11, 2010

The return of Big Pelf!

Aug 10
Pelf out-duels Jimenez!
His fastball was working great!
You can see the Pelfrey from May coming back!
Let's take another one from the Rockies and get this thing back on track!


  1. He will lick you until you concede defeat! I like big (pelf's) licks and I cannot lie...

    The Mets always manage to hit the big-name pitchers. Serve us Cy Young and we won't have an issue...

    Barry Enwright? Yikes.

  2. I love your work...check out my sports blog (What If Doc Gooden Hadn't Smoked Crack?): I deal with lots of Mets questions, but also other sports related stuff from a humerous, sometimes sarcastic, wounded-as-only-a-lifelong-Mets-fan-could-be perspective.

  3. Yo Joe.
    I tried to comment a few days ago when you went black and white (comments were down). That cracked me up.
    I somewhat took your lead and I've turned off the color on my set and will be watching the games in black & white til they either win 2 in a row, or release Ollie. If they do both I'll start over saturating my picture ;)

    The Ollie T-Shirt is classic :)