Saturday, August 14, 2010

A Colorful Win for R.A.Dickey!!!!!

Wow! Dickey stuns the Philies,  throwing a one hit shut out! Only hit came from pitcher, Cole Hamels.

So far we've escaped any need for a closer or even a bullpen.


  1. The return of color to our lives!
    Not only two in a row, but two complete game shutouts!
    That's pretty damn good from a team that many have pronounced dead.

    Dickey is such a pleasant surprise :)
    I love this guy.

    Now lets see what Misch can give us tonight.

  2. If we can get a solid number two starter for next year and plug Dickey in as the five guy, we could have an awesome staff. And then I might not be so against Mejia becoming the new closer.

  3. COLOR is back!..Ding Dong The WICKED WITCH is DEAD!... Jerry's still here though.. Nice job Joe as always,love the B & W also. Lets keep this thing going. Enjoy the weekend!

  4. YOU r a wonder Joe! This blog has been the most consistent thing this season (except maybe Pagan..he is HOT this year!) Awesome & in color!

  5. Thanks! It hasn't been easy. I hope you can see by following it how hard it can be to keep going somedays. There are just some games (losses) that leave you speechless and no words can describe the frustration. I think my saving grace this year was coming up with the Ollie box. At least I was able to punish the offenders.

  6. I need to borrow some lumber... and a metric ton of lead for the John Russell box. That one's going straight into the Allegheny.

    There's still a bright spot coming for ya. You haven't faced the Pirates yet. The weekend of the 20th should help.