Friday, September 17, 2010

Pelfrey and Mets Reign on Pirates!


  1. This one is great... The colors really excite the focus of the page, and the rain adds nice movement.

    It looks like Pelf is smoking - doing it himself - the only man on the field (or in the stadium)

  2. Very cool entry Joe, love the wide perspective. Great drama in it

  3. JOE, this is phenomanal. i am 14, and i love waking up every day to check the scores, (usually bad,) then see what you amde out of the game. i recently wa sdoodling a picture of jerry crawling to a finish line that was on fire. (fired.) i really hope that you continue this in teh offseason and next season, and hopefully you will be drawing into october next year. Thank you, for making this brutal season into a work of art.