Sunday, September 26, 2010

Mets to Phils, "Do it in the Road!"

The last thing I wanted to see was the Phillies fans dancing in front of us in their house!

Well, Thanks to carlos Beltran, it didn't happen. I think in these last 2 games, Beltran finally took control of this team. Maybe he really wants to play here.

Let's see what the winter brings. As for now...He's one of us. A very important one of us.


  1. Joe wow it's been a long year :( but I am also glad that we have beltran and that the phils didn't celebrate in front of us thanks for sticking with this all year long hope u get this published and each year too come and 1 year get to draw us celebrating a world title thanks again Joe!!! Sam m

  2. Thank you Sam! I enjoyed sharing this with you all!