Thursday, September 9, 2010

3 Poor Excuses!

I think this is one of the worst acts I've ever witnessed in HUMANITY.
Beltran, Castillo and Perez
should be ashamed of themselves.
Every time they spend any of the millions of overpaid dollars they make they should think about the lives and limbs that were lost to keep the country that they make that money in FREE!

God Bless AMERICA!


  1. Beltran is the only one who could possibly be exonerated... But this event was the latest play that showed NY how pathetic these box-cases are.

    Somewhere inside, I am holding onto hope that the three of them are better people than they are ballplayers. After all... maybe they thought they were doing the soldiers a favor by not showing their lousy faces!

  2. What a bunch of losers.

  3. Maybe they forgot how to think outside the box.

  4. sorry man, but the people in afghanistan and iraq are doing nothing to keep us free. our freedoms were not in jeopardy one iota the day before or the day after 9/11. those poor soldiers are doing a lot to line the pockets of all the multi-millionaire war profiteers that have made hundreds of millions in these years, but they're not protecting our freedom. i feel bad for those guys at walter reed, but if i were a celebrity, i'd feel no moral obligation to ease their pain. you and cerrone are both looking for scapegoats and you don't even know it. (but i love this blog).

  5. Not trying to get political . Just thought it's something they owed to humanity. They are blessed with great jobs where a bean-ball or foul tip is the biggest fear they face.
    Pay forward that's all I'm saying.

    Glad you like the blog! Thanks

  6. baseball is baseball.... charity and humanity is important and lots of individual players do a lot on their own to give back to communities and different charities. you have to look at this event as one event of many that is sponsored by the team. and this event was not mandatory. if you look at past events to walter reed, they were not 100% attendance in previous years. should all players have attended... absolutely! the blame here... if any, is the wilpons for not defending the individuals that were not in attendance. instead of fanning the blames of a stupid article. is it a coincidence that beltran, castillo, and perez were no shows? dont know. am i depending the players action... NO!!! just shedding a different light.

  7. Listen... part of being in this country is choice. I am sorry, they are baseball players they are not MANDATED to go to this event.

    Truthfully, if you were in that hospital would you have wanted to see Castillo looking flush and possibly puking? How would that make you feel.

    No one wants Ollie around anyway so why would he participate in goodwill for a company that has blackballed him? If your company locks you in a back closet, makes it clear they don't want you around, throw you under the bus at every turn... Would you do something that you aren't mandated to do to make them look better? NOT ONE PERSON HERE WOULD!

    Beltran, I guarantee he had a meeting set up for his foundation knowing he had an off day and then the Mets schedule a visit. He was working on a PHILANTHROPIC FOUNDATION. Don't paint him to be a degenerate or a disgrace. Don't forget that those kids in Puerto Rico are American Citizens too. If he was building a school in NY people wouldn't be as up in arms.

    As much as I love your artwork, you are just spreading the negative of this event just like the main stream media. Why not focus on what an amazing act it is that 30 baseball players showed up to this hospital and spent a few hours with these guys to make their day a little better. But no, that doesn't garnish any attention... only the 3 guys that don't go.

  8. My Journal is a quick gut reaction to an event. Maybe if I waited a few days , I probably would have let Beltran off the hook. I recognize the people of Puerto Rico as Americans and did not judge him by where his school is being built.

    It was a beautiful thing knowing hat 30 ballplayers took the time out to visit these heroes. Maybe that is what the focus should have been.

    Thanks for your honesty and understanding.

  9. Yet another reason I love this blog: everywhere else people are ranting and raving about this. Here, in the comments section you get a calm logical conversation. Keep up the good work, Joe and readers alike!!!

  10. true berbalerbs! & def props to u, Joe, for responding & with calm, honest, thoughtful & appreciative answers to contradictory opinions, esp on a subject that can stir strong feelings

  11. Joe, I commented earlier about the freedom bit. I agree with the previous comments: where you could have gotten defensive, you took responsibility for being a wee bit reactionary. It is a pleasure to see and a really good example to set. (And yes, Puerto Ricans are fighting and dying in Afghanistan and Iraq right now). Thanks again for the tremendous effort you have put into this blog this year.

  12. You're so very welcome.

    This blog is a labor of love. I'm glad so many enjoy it. I appreciate your thoughts. Couldn't have gotten this far without you all.

  13. i agree with letting cooler heads prevail and not fanning the flames of tabloid headlines.

    we are inundated with this in our politics and
    succumb to it in too much sports coverage.

    this blog definitely attracts a more thoughtful readership because joe's work inspires thought in both words and pictures.

    re: walter reed episode--beltran, ollie and castillo are easy targets. they are all guilty of many things but in this instance--it constitutes "piling on"
    part of the other fall pastime.

    let's move on with the audacity of hope,
    faith and smart fresh blood in the front office and field management posts.