Tuesday, September 21, 2010

All Bad Things Must come to an end!

Seems like this is one show that has gone on too long.
Can't wait for the season finale in October. And I won't be watching reruns.

Hopefully our Mets will put on a better show next season!


  1. This is awesome! Mind if I post it at MetsPolice with a link?

  2. joe,
    as always, you are a fountain of graphic creativity.

  3. As you said, he had hitters who couldn't hit (largely because we trusted hitting instruction to a headcase who was a passenger for the franchise's greatest moment of glory)-- not many managers would have a clue in that situation. Jerry was, however, pushing to bring back Rick Down, so he at least had some idea of how to fix the hitting part of that, knew to bench Frenchy, and with the exception of any time Acosta came in, did OK managing around bad pitchers (pitching, overall, has been the least of the Mets worries)

    Jerry did fine by me.