Friday, June 18, 2010

Ultimate Subway Series!

Ultimate Subway Series

It's on! Your all-time Mets and Yankees squads began their virtual best-of-seven today with Dwight Gooden losing to Whitey Ford


  1. Wow, Joe. When did ESPN contact you? I'll double what they're giving you.

    Can I pay in hay?

  2. Yes they contacted me. they follow this and my jets blog.

    They are very cool people.

  3. How did they simulate the game, Joe, computer? I couldn't find any info on the ESPN site about the simulation. And I'm not happy about the outcome, I hope Seaver fairs better.

    Fantastic cartoon, as always. The typography is awesome as well. Loved the way you wrote, "The Yankees Win" -- I actually heard it as I read it.

  4. They put the stats into a computer and these games are all the result.

    Thanks for the compliment! I think I did some nice pieces for this. I will post them all here after the series is over.

  5. These cartoons are sooo awesome, and seeing one of Doc (one of my favorite players of all-time...was even better.

    Great work

  6. Congrats Joe! This is some well deserved attention.