Thursday, June 17, 2010

Cleveland is Rockin' Baby!


  1. So much fun when winning!!... great theme of Rock-n-Roll!

    Love it!

    Let's take it to the stadium..

    Have great day Joe! Thanks -Chris

  2. Thanks Chris. I was going to save this for the Sweep but couldn't wait! LOL

    Say Hi to Ryan for me!


  3. this blog is great man, i check it after every game. keep it up!

  4. Jerry looks hilarious in this! Also, please bring the Ollie Box back tomorrow.

  5. Lol... I love the request from Andrew for the Ollie Box...

    This one's awesome. Like the one yesterday, the day before that, and the day before that...

    Also, it's so ironic that you did Rock n Roll in Cleveland because there's a Hall of Fame catered just for that IN Cleveland... Lol.

    Yes, I'm kidding.

    Good stuff, Joe (if that is your real name... *backing away slowly*)

  6. Is this sketchbook going to be published at the end of the season?

  7. Thanks for all of the Kudos!
    I am working to get it published as we speak.

    Tomorrow I promise....Ollie in the Box returns!

  8. Joe, the Ollie Box tomorrow should have a For Sale sign on it.

  9. I'm a huge fan of your work. Just opened the Bergino Baseball Clubhouse in a Greenwich Village landmark building. Part of the space is an Art Gallery. Would love to host an event/art exhibition with you! Thanks, Jay (212-226-7150)

  10. Haha LOVE THIS, Actually makes me like Jerry Manuel now. I would buy these drawings in coffee-table book.

    My favorite is "The Ike Man Cometh" - Its my computer backround

  11. Thanks Jay. I will definitely give you a call.

    Moses123....Thanks on the Ike Man piece. Bet it looks cool.

  12. Likin the Andrew idea of "For Sale" on the box. Joe, you like it?

    What I do now is each morning - I make the daily piece my background. It's awesome, refreshing and nice to look at to get me thru the 9-5.

    Wait, I don't have a job.

  13. Joe, I have been loving your great work on your Mets Journal since discovering it one day last month via MetsBlog. Win or lose, your artistic take on each game really captures the sentiment of the fans. You're an absolute genius, and I can't wait to check your site the day after a game to see your latest sketch. I have already referred to your amazing site a couple of times on Mets Merized Online. If your sketches do make it to book form, I'll be one of the first in line to buy a copy and I do hope you continue to do this beyond the 2010 season. Anyhow, I just wanted to say thanks for keeping all of us in good spirits through your incredible work.

  14. Hey Joe,
    Thanks for the thoughtful note. I hope to be doing these forever. I love them and I LOVE the Mets! It's nice to be able to share my thoughts and feelings with so many people who love what I love.
    I love doing my other portrait work...but in some ways this is more fulfilling.


  15. please... please... please... get this published. this one (season) is special!

  16. Is it so wrong that I check this site for the recap of today's game BEFORE I go to ESPN or other sources? It's like a box score with blood pumping through it - and that blood runs blue and orange!!!

    I so love this stuff.

  17. Thanks. I love doing it. Sharing this journal with others for the first time, has really made the season special for me.
    So...Thank you .