Thursday, June 3, 2010



  1. Oh man - that is laugh out loud hilarious! You're dead on withe every one of those (my favorite is the GMJr Mr. Mets head).

    I've been following this blog every day, and I love your work man. Really incredible. Looking forward to the next 2/3 season worth of drawings.

    Let's Go Mets!

  2. These are hilarious! Great work as usual, Joe - I found the blog through ESPN and I have showed it to friends and family, all of whom think it's great. I check daily, and I'll be at the game tomorrow night... Let's Go Mets! Looking forward to seeing a headline like "TOTALLY R.A.D.!" and not cartoon Jerry asking, "R.I.Fired Yet?" Keep up the great art and the great work!

  3. 10 Reasons That Things are Fine:

    10. If Jerry is fired Joe needs to learn to cartoon a new manager and he does Jerry so well.
    9. Luis Castillo has not yet symbolically dropped our season.
    8. Oliver Perez can't demand to ACTUALLY play.
    7. .500 was about .100 higher then I thought this team would be.
    6. Pedro Feliciano can pitch righty when his left arm falls off. Nieve vice versa.
    5. Carlos Beltran has not injured himself THIS season, wait for August.
    4. We have a top 5 fantasy catcher.
    3. The team hasn't been this white since... I'm not sure this team has ever been this white. (Just imagine if Havens and Thole are on the team next year.)
    2. Keith Hernandez stays awake through almost half of the games.
    1. When you don't build a lead over everyone else, nobody can claim that it's yet another collapse.

  4. Lol to this post and lol to all 3 comments that precede mine.

    Not like regular over-used lol, but the real, genuine, authentic "LOL!"

    AMAZING WORK, everyone!

  5. I love this! Just stumbled on your blog and it's great! This list is hilarious!

  6. Well Joe it looks like they took your advice and followed your checklist but typical Mets they didn't read your checklist properly and confused #9 with #7 and instead of releasing anyone whose name sounds like BEREZ they released anyone whose name sounds like GMJ.