Friday, June 11, 2010

Pitchers as different as night and day!


  1. Joe,
    You are AMAAAAZIN'! Your Manuel is dead on! love those. I am glad I saw the Daily news article. I have re-lived the whole season so far in an awesome way. I am a sports artist myself and true appreciator of the craft.. you are great!
    keep 'em coming! you can make it this year!

  2. Thanks Chris,
    I really appreciate the kind words. People have been so great to me out here. It's going to be easy to finish this year. It's almost like being part of a team.

    Love to see your work.


  3. Joe,
    I know you've heard it before, but your blog has become one of the initial parts of my morning rituals. I'm a 3+ decade Mets fan, who left NYC over 27 years ago. So, your work has provided me with a missing sense of the local Mets vibe.

    One thing, and I hate to nit-pick, but, you gave Niese the wrong hat. He was wearing the two-tone (Black crown-blue bill) last night.

    Here's hoping you have mostly positive Mets moments to draw for the next nine games.


  4. Anyone else have problems seeing images on Joe's blog? For me, about half of them are fine (and look great, Joe - I love them), but about half of them, including today, I just get an empty placeholder with a red X, as if the browser can't find the image file. I've tried it in different browsers and on different computers with no luck. Any thoughts?

    thanks, Josh

  5. Joe - Any chance you will be selling prints of your sketches at some point? I really dig your work.

  6. Hey! Any chance you can separate the two sketches into two separate images? Thanks.

  7. Joe, 1st off once again thanks for sharing these sketches with us and 2nd does your work allow you to get out to a game from time to time and if so have you been able to see Citi Fields yet for a game this year?

  8. Luis,
    Thanks. Yes I can get to games and have been to a few already. I love Citifield!


  9. Hey, first off, these drawings are amazin'!!! I would absolutely be interested in buying the finished product at the end of each season, as it would be the perfect memorabelia item. As somebody above said, I hate to nit-pick, but the double off of Niese was in the 3rd inning, not the 2nd!!! (Game 60)