Tuesday, May 8, 2012



  1. What a way to start a career! Jordany is in a very exclusive club being a player to get a homer as their first hit! Thanks again for the excellent recap and the artwork Joe!

  2. Great game, great win, great entry!

    Keep up the good work Joe!

  3. ''Spinsanity'' !!... love it! Now if we could just sweep the Phillies I know for sure you'll make the coolest recap. See you tomorrow, Joe !!

  4. I was clicking back and forth, Mets & Rangers...
    Rangers tie it with :06 to go
    Mets work thru to two outs in the ninth
    Rangers win it in the OT opening power play...
    Jordany hits the homer!
    What a fantastic few minutes for a NY fan!

  5. does anyone know if you can buy these prints ?

  6. Joe, your work is amazing. Thanks to metsblog.com, I just now noticed it…and immediately began sharing with a few friends & relatives. Comes in real handy for game updates for those far away and with little internet time, like my younger brother on a deployment in Jordan.

    Keep up the great work!

    1. Thanks Dan,
      Glad you enjoy the work. I love following the team like this. Keeps it interesting, as if it wasn't interesting enough.

      God bless your brother. Thank him for me .

      Peace bro

  7. I am surprised one of the local NY tabloids haven't contacted you yet about a regular feature in the paper. I suppose the blog allows you to work on your own schedule - rather than being committed to producing these at 10pm every night (I think i read somewhere that you draft these up in about 30 minutes in the mornings?).

    I would just love to see these in print somewhere. It would bring me back to childhood days when I used to cut out Gallo's work for my school folders and notebooks. I've tried cutting these out at work - but after three or four computer screens, I realized it just isn't the same.