Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Nobody's gettin' hurt tonight!


  1. I also thought collins was in the right for protecting his best player. I think it was Schilling who was on the radio the other day and said something about how dangerous intentionally hitting a batter is. It's very easy for the pitcher to lose control - and something intended for the hip can end up at the head...

    Really like the caricatures and interpretations of Collins. Your work of him has come a long way from the first stabs at comparing him to Kevorkian (if I remember correctly?). He is becoming a very endearing manager - I like his style, and his character is really shining through in your posts this year.

    Like him... uhh.. a lot... ummm... MORE BETTER... umm... than...ummm.. Jerry Manuel.. uh.


    Terry is a very endearing soul. I respect him and think he's great for this team.
    He has them playing together and believing in themselves and most importantly in HIM.

    I have to admit I do miss Umm ...ahhhh...mmmm Jerry.


  3. You have us guessing what you're gonna do next! You even it when we lose a good time, Joe !!!