Monday, February 28, 2011

In Memory Of the Duke


  1. hello again, Joe,

    Well, it's a true sign of spring today;
    I spied 5 skunk cabbage buds bursting through the upstate snow & your perceptive/wry renderings are already back in mid-season form!
    Here's to the dark horse 2011 Metropolitans
    and the balancing of all our checkbooks
    best, Dogman

  2. Hey Dog!

    Good to hear from you! Hopefully we will be the surprise of the season! Glad you like the new header with Mr. Madoff Met.
    It should be fun this year. I will be giving away original drawings and signed merchandise all season long. Hope you win something. ;)

    Keep in touch and tell your friends about my blog.
    Peace brother

  3. Awesome to see you back, and love the new header, it's hilarious. :)

    RIP, Duke. I've had "Talkin' Baseball" in my head two days straight in your honor... :(

  4. Great to see that you're doing the blog again this year!

  5. Love your blog
    you are a living genius
    let the torture begin again, for a met fan who lives in Philadelphia

  6. Sooooo happy to see you,Joe. I have been checking for weeks......

  7. Great to see you doing it again!

  8. Hey man, I started following your Mets blog last year. I love the humorous pictures you draw after every game and I'm looking forward to this year's work to dull the pain. I started my own Mets blog; you should check it out some time. Here's hoping we can make some waves this year!