Monday, December 20, 2010

Metty Christmas!

Well, It's been a great year sharing my Journal with you all. We had some highs and lows (mostly lows). But it's been fun.

I'm going to miss Jerry. I have to be honest, Terry Collins is not an easy face to draw.
But I should be ready by spring training.

Have a Happy Holiday!

Peace n Love


  1. Thanks for the great entertainment throughout the year! Every drawing was a highlight of my day, and I look forward to seeing what else you'll come up with for next season. Merry Christmas and Go Mets!

  2. Jerry was great for a laugh in an otherwise gloomy season for the mets...

    He was...uh.. so..uh...Mockable....

    He was an okay manager (did some questionable things sometimes, but hindsight is 20/20). I wish him the best.

    You'll get Terry down no doubt - Your Amar'e on the knicks blog is incredible!

    Happy Holidays/New Years!

  3. Mr Petruccio,

    I'm an old Brooklyn native, and I take great pride (is that an odd thing to say?) in the art you do, representing the Mets and the Brooklyn spirit in sports and music (is that your intention or my superimposition?)

    But to make a long story short I've only recently discovered your work, and your contribution to Mets history vis a vis the uni, and in honor of that, I've newly purchased a 1987 Mets jersey from Michell & Ness. Hey .... maybe you'll autograph it for me?

  4. Hey Greg!

    Thanks for the kind words about my work. I do take pride in growing up a Mets fan and in Being a Brooklyn Native.

    Wow! What a cool purchase. An '87 Jersey!
    I'd love to autograph it for you. We should figure out how so shipping it back and forth doesn't cost more than the shirt. LOL

    If you're ever in NYC, perhaps we could meet up one day.

    Peace and Happy New Year

  5. Mr. Petruccio,

    Please forgive me, I know this is a Mets' blog but I need you to hear me for a minute!

    I have recently discovered your art by hitting auctions for the Hard Rock Park memorabilia. I've successfully compiled a complete set of your "Rocksie" art... framed with collectible pin. Kudos for your work... I would like to have seen more, if it weren't for the park's demise!

    Would you please add those sketches to your homepage... under "Rock Angels?" And tell me how I could get a print of Led Zeppelin? (My #1 favorite band for over 30 years)

    p.s. Don't hate-on-me 'cuz I'm from Houston. I'll pull for the Mets anytime... but never the Yankees!

  6. Great stuff, gave me something to smile about during an otherwise gloomy season. I've been a Mets fan since my father took me to the Polo Grounds in "62. Thanks!

  7. Hey Joe,

    Thanks for the memories! Just two weeks away from Pitchers, Catchers and Artist reporting! Pencil us for a few good wins; and, with any luck we can erase those meddlesome Wilpons too - LOL!


  8. So much of last season was both a blur and a bother...but, as Met fans, we're conditioned to withstand anything. It was ALWAYS a JOY, though, even after many acrapola-fest to see your artistic interpretation of, well, crap!
    I printed out my favorites, hope no copywrite infringement: AUGUST 4th, 2010, in a sloppy 8-3 loss to the Braves @ Turner Field= MEET THE MESS...priceless. They are our mess, so we can say it with LOVE! Have agreat 2011 Season...for YOU & our Lads! Keep 'em comin'-hope you will need a lot of Happy Orange colors!