Thursday, July 3, 2014

No Escape Route for deGrom!

I read this morning in the paper that Terry Collins said that things are not the same without Wright's bat out of the lineup. What? Things were exactly the same. Wake up Terry!


  1. In true New York Mets fashion the Mets found a way to show us how important the sweep is, and burry themselves in the process. They went into the Atlanta series six games back and in striking distance to make a run in the division.

    Sweeping the Braves would have put them only four games back, a two-game gain, while getting swept would have them ten back and pretty much put them out of reach for the season, placing them in the bottom tier of the National League - which is where they actually belong. That's a six-game swing - that's how important the sweep is. Even winning two out of three would have been a one-game gain, better, not perfect, but better.

    Once again the Braves have their way with the Mets, thus ending their season and plummeting them down in the standings exposing the Mets for who they really are - lovable losers.

    Inconsistency is the hallmark of this ball club. Some weeks they look fantastic and can compete with the upper echelon of the MLB, other weeks they're bums with seemingly no skills at all. Casey Stengel's "Can't anybody here play this game?" comes to mind all too often lately.

    It's getting harder and harder to accept the leadership of Terry Collins when they play with such inconsistency week in and week out. Can he not keep them motivated on a regular basis? It pains me to speculate about Terry like this because deep down I like and respect him. I'm just tired of the disappointments season after season and I suspect I'm not the only Met fan feeling this way.

    1. Couldn't have said it better myself Nick. This Journal gets more and more frustrating to me. It's easier for the team to find new ways to lose than it is for me to find new ways to illustrate losses.
      I'm reading this after watching Terry pull Niese out of the game as Niese is pleading over and over, "I'm Fine! I'm Fine!." I agree with Ron Darling who said, "In the end this should be Niese's Decision."
      Problem is...Terry is not making them the "Loveable Losers" you're referring to. I do love them, win or lose, but it's almost pathetic more than loveable. They just don't look like they are enjoying the game.

      Come on guys! LGM!!!!