Thursday, October 24, 2013

Season over for me. Sorry

Unfortunately, This is one of those seasons that I won't get to finish. I got behind for one reason or another. By that time I was so disillusioned that I just couldn't get myself to catch up.

I will be adding drawings and commentary as I see fit throughout the offseason.

Thanks for following.

Lets Go Mets.


  1. Thanks for the ones you did Joe! Yea...its been a rough ride. LGM

  2. Although I love the drawings and have enjoyed them for the past couple years after learning that you do them - I have to believe they take much time and thought. Game by game is awesome, but don't pressure yourself. Your artwork is excellent and one a series or one a week is better than none, especially when the team provides little to cheer for. I am an original fan born before the team - Lets go Mets (Richard from central CT, now in Charlotte NC

    1. That is a great idea. I promise I will NOT drop the ball this season. One thing I really learned since I stopped last season is...I REALLY love these guys and I missed them more by not sketching their games on a daily basis. This year will be great. One way or another I will see it through...hopefully all the way to the world series.