Thursday, August 11, 2011



  1. Simply put the Mets were horrible tonight. Dickeys bad throw, Tejada not sliding at the plate, Pagans errant throw to no one (again), Parnells poor performance (I could go on, I'll spare you)...ugh.
    Just horrible.
    Well, lets forget this one and go get em next one.

  2. Ditto what Warren said. But at least they got the tying runs to the plate in the 7th, 8th and 9th. Of course Parnell made the comeback task even more Herculean. Difference between going into the 9th 5 runs down as opposed to 2.

    Let's Go Mets!!

  3. .500 after 116 games is OK to me - better than anyone predicted, especially considering all the luck they've had!

    How about the first two plays going to rookie Mike Baxter - I bet his heart was beating a mile a minute when he was trying to field that first drive.

  4. AW: when I saw that I was thinking the same as you. That "the ball will always find you" thing.
    And same as you I wondered how nervous he must have been. Welcome to the big leagues Mike.