Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Double Time in LA!


  1. I am really enjoying your work which I discovered through the NY Times and have passed on to a co-worker who is also a Mets fan. I live in Southern California and I am always amazed at the number of Mets fans I see when I go to a baseball game. Speaking of which, I'm going to one tonight. YaY!

    BTW...I just noticed the number 8. I assume that's for Gary Carter? When did you start adding that to your work?

    Tuli Reno

  2. I started to add the # 8 in honor of Gary when he started treatment for cancer in support of him. He has such a great spirit. As fans of the game he needs to know we are here for him.

  3. Great stuff, found this through the NY Times as well. Do you ever sell some of the art? Would love to add to my office decor!

  4. Very good game. Timely hitting.
    I like what I saw from Parnell in 2 innings of relief.
    And Bay ain't afraid of no wall no moe (that was a lil scary for a sec when he ran back to snag that fly ball).
    Get well soon Reyes! Tejada got your two hits last night!
    I do hope Reyes is back tonight although I have no problem if they give him extra rest.

    Side note : Like the poster above I love the Gary Carter additions (and we are all here for you Gary), as well as your tribute to Bill Gallo.
    Mr. Gallo was the best. Like many, I loved seeing his work, his perspective on things. He will be missed.
    Amazing that you actually met him and he had such a great influence on you. I wonder if that had never happened would we still be here enjoying your Mets sportReport. You never know, ya know?

  5. Mets fan for life (meaning over 40 years now), and it's not always easy! Love your stuff, and the #8 is a wonderful touch. Keep it coming.

  6. Also found this from the Times, and it is my first destination in the AM. Thanks and keep up the good,no, make that great work.

    Let me know how I might obtain an original.

  7. I also found your blog through the times and your art work is amazing. how you present each game is also. i'm currently doing research in korea, and i actually found an america sporting his mets gear last weekend during the subway series!

  8. Just curious - what size sketchpad do you use to do these drawings?

  9. I do all of these in a 5x8" Moleskine notebook. Last year I used the 2.5 x 3" one but there weren't enough pages in case they made the playoffs.

  10. I also read of your work in the New York Times, and love it. Got to ask: are you publishing these at some point, or selling original copies?

  11. Doing 3 Mets in one drawing is pretty damn good....and on a 8 by 5 inch pad no less. Bravo! I knew immediately who each player was, no small feat.