Monday, June 13, 2011

Bay's Back! Thanks for nothing!


  1. I know it was Murphy That botched the play. A play he should have made.
    But if bay was still on the bench taking his "mental Health retreat" Murphy wouldn't have been put into position to make that play. That being said....Foe ALL of the money we're paying Bay, maybe he could knock in a run now and then with more than a cheap hit. Can't help but think anyone else may have done better in his last 2 AB's.

  2. Well said! Thanks as always for posting!

  3. I just want to say thank you for what you're doing this season! It's my favorite bookmark to check every day, and I always enjoy reading it. You're both a talented artist and one of the more reasonable mets people on the internet Keep it up! It really is stunning what has happened to highest-paid-Canadian-athlete-in-history Jason Bay. I had such high hopes.

  4. The silver lining:

    Justin Turner
    Dillon Gee
    David Einhorn (can't wait to see him immortalized once the deal is final)
    (thats a forbes magazine write-up regarding the latest particulars)

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