Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Zeroed In on Phillies


  1. Absolutely stunning!

    Every night you outdo the last's.

    Keep it up! Love this one!

  2. Oh... a few more thoughts...

    1) I have to agree with comment from yesterday. Once Jerry's gone - I will miss his cartoon.

    2) I want to buy a book of the season after it's done. Please?

    3) I think one of my favorite aspects is how you have it done within 2 hours (or less) after the game is over.

    4) This site is my favorite.

  3. broke the streak of jerry! lol

  4. love the blog! lets hope the mets keep it up!

  5. Thanks for the comments everyone!
    I know you missed Jerry in today's entry, but I assure you he will be back!

    FYI... I have been approached by several book publishers. So if all goes well this will most likely ne a book at the end of the season.

    Thanks and.....
    LET'S GO METS!!!!

  6. AWESOME BLOG!! I would like to buy the book as well. i have recommended this site from my facebook account and plan on linking it from my website as well

  7. Joe,

    Let me just add that I love the new header/logo. Any thoughts on selling individual sketches after the book? I want dibs on a couple!!!


  8. I was thinking about publishing some highlights from the year as prints. But... to be honest, I really wasn't doing this for anything but to finish the book this year.
    So many people like you have been so nice to me and have asked for single page drawings or books. So, I really have to look into the best way to do that so I can make everyone happy.

    Thank you Bob and all of you for making this a great experience.

  9. youre the man dude...this site is awesome. can't wait to get the book after the season.