Friday, October 1, 2010

Brewers Guarantee Mets a Losing Season!


  1. Jerry Manuel joins the brewers next season.

  2. I know you tend to keep the losses in B&W - the mess aren't worth the paint - but, as a fan of your art, I would love to see one last piece in vivid color before we close it out (win or lose).

    This blog is going to be a MUST HAVE when it documents a playoff season (I'd love 86', but I'd settle for 88' or even 99'...). If I ever saw this on the shelves at Barnes and Noble - it would make it home to my coffee table in a heart beat.

    Also - love "Heaven Rocks"

    Go Jets.

  3. Ouch this was one horrid series.
    The Brewers...its the sucky how can we lose the game today Brewers, lol.

    With all this talk of a new manager Willie has not come up until most recently, more than likely due to this series (the Brewers were like the rock he crawled under). You really think he will get any consideration by the Mets?

    I'll be surprised, but we could do worse.